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Bed Linen Product

Bed linen is a component for the completeness of the bedroom such as: mattras protector,topper bed,fitted sheet, duvet inserts(feather,microfiber and padding),duvet cover,pillow insert(feather,microfiber,silicon fiber,latex,and memoryfoam),pillow cases,pillow protector,mosquito net,curtain

bila dacron,bed topper

Bed Topper

most people often complain because while sleeping per innate from spring still felt.respond to the complaint we are present a product with the aim to comfort in rest. The product we are named topper bed.

bila dacron,mattres protector

Bed Protector

most people only know if the bed protector only contains rubber in every corner.for the convenience of the customers, we are give a new breakthrough in the hope that the customers more comfortable and more satisfied with our products.

bila dacron,fitted sheet

Fitted Sheet

Fitted sheet is a leaflets that each corner contains rubber,in order to stick with the mattress.

bila dacron,flat sheet,bed sheet

Flat Sheet

different with the fitted sheet, if the flat sheet each corner is plain like a paper. most people wear flat sheet to make the design on the bed

bila dacron,duvet inner,down

Duvet Inner

Duvet insert is the inside contents of duvet cover.material used for duvet insert varies,There are using padding,microfiber and goose down.

bila dacron,duvet cover,cotton

Duvet Cover

duvet cover is a wrapper of duvet insert.duvet cover is necessary to maintain the durability of its insert duvet

bila dacron,pillow inner,dacron

Pillow Inner

we are provide various kinds of pillows, there is silicon fiber pillow, microfiber pillow, goose pillow, latex pillow and memoryfoam pillow

bila dacron,pillow protector,quilting

Pillow Protector

Pillow protector is needed to keep the pillow clean from saliva. By wearing a quilting padding and wearing Japanese zippers for cover, the pillow will look more elegant

bila dacron,pillow case,cotton

Pillow Case

Pillowcase is the outermost layer of the pillow, pillowcases are necessary so that the head is not in direct contact with the pillow.

bila dacron,cushion inner,dacron

Cushion Inner

cushion insert is an additional pillow for decorating the bed. The choice is also diverse, there is silicon fiber, microfiber and goose feather for its inside contents

bila dacron,pillow decord

Decorative Pillow

Decorative pillow is one of the favorite options to beautify the look of space. Decorative pillows have a variety of shapes and with a variety of choice of sarongs. This decorative pillow is not as comfortable as a pillow to sleep because it functions as an interior appearance of a space.

bila dacron,mosquito net,cotton


Often at rest we are less comfortable because disturbed by mosquito.therefore mosquito net is needed.the material for mosquito net we provide there are made from voil, vittrace etc

bila dacron,curtain,vittrace


Curtains or curtains are pieces of cloth or textiles used to block out light. Curtains are often hung on the inside of the windows of a building to block the entry of light

bila dacron,wooden blind,roller blind

Wooden Blind

bila dacron,soil bag,laundry bag

Soil Bag